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by Angie Thompson

About Angie

I’m a full-time working girl originally from Alabama but now a long time resident of Arkansas. My day job is wrangling events and sponsors for B.A.S.S. – the worldwide leader in bass fishing.  I’ve spent my entire career working in the outdoors – from my early years as a graphic designer and then a producer/director for ESPN Outdoors to now as a proud team member of B.A.S.S.  Not too long ago I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of art that was created with the bass fishing audience in mind.  So I decided to try to change that. I’m just getting started ya’ll.

Fishing Lure Series

Past Work



  • angie thompson sea turtle painting

    “On Turtle Time” fine art print of Sea Turtle painting

  • fishing girls hat

    Aqua linen Fishnchik hat

  • fishing ladies women girls hat ballcap cap

    Black & White Unstructured Fishnchik hat


Good stories

The earliest form of storytelling is on the walls in the Lascaux Caves in France, and believed to have been painted there sometime between 15000 and 13,000 B.C.  Although there aren’t any fish on those walls, there are hunting scenes which tells me that as long as we’ve been telling stories, we’ve included outdoor exploits.

BT’s photography

My brother has some mad photography skills. We come from a long line of storytellers.
Click through to see BT’s work.
He makes me proud.

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