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Good Stories

Storytelling has always been very important to me.  Here are a few good ones from along the way.

KVD and the Sexy Shad

The VanDams are the kind of people that its hard not to envy.  I’ve been to Christmas parties at their home in Kalamazoo and seen their whole family when there was no else looking.  With this fam, what you see is what you get.

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Randy Howell’s Livingston Howeller

The Bait that won the 2014 Bassmaster Classic. I met Randy and Robin Howell over 2 decades ago and they have felt like family ever since. Watching them create a family and raise their two boys on the road has been a pure joy. They are the salt of the earth kind of...

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How I got started (back) into art

Video is the way for me to tell this story because it is pretty personal to me, and I think I am better off telling it, than trying to write it.  If you have been connected to me through social media over the past five or six years, you know that I was incredibly close to my father, Bryan
“Pete” Thompson….better known as CoolPop.

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Ike’s Shad Raps

Mike Iaconelli has a lot of tattoos. He's a Jersey boy so maybe it comes with the territory? Or maybe it's just another way to express himself, although Ike rarely has a problem expressing himself.  Anyone who knows of Ike knows he has caused some kerfuffles in his...

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Steve Kennedy’s Huddleston Swimbait

Steve Kennedy's Huddleston Swimbait Steve Kenned's Huddleston swimbait has a place of honor in his home.  It even has a special display case it lives in. But he took it out and took a picture of it to send to me so I could paint it.  It's his favorite bait and has...

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David Walker’s Crosseyez Jig

I first met David Walker back in the 90's when JM Associates was producing the FLW Tour series for ESPN.  Walker was new in professional fishing and quickly making a name for himself. We started the FLW Tour when ESPN launched ESPN2 and wanted a competition series...

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